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pairing wounded veterans with professional singer songwriters
Washington Post Coverage
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Watch more videos from the 2011 retreat by award-winning photographer/videographer Dana Romanoff here!
Featured Interviews:
       Martin Seligman
   VIA’s Neal Mayerson
MentorCoach’s Ben Dean
Discovery Channel Founder
         John Hendricks
              and more!

Get Happy!

World Happy Day

was a HUGE Success!

Screenings in 60 countries, all 7 continents!

Good news! Mary’s helping with a HAPPY educational guide!

Stay tuned!

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A small company in New York with a HUGE passion for Happiness!

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Why I Help Songwriters Help Veterans



Mary was a discussion facilitator at a United Nations Meeting:

Happiness & Well-Being: Developing a

New Economic Paradigm

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I’ve worked recently with Robert Miller and Andrew Wakeford, two incredibly nice and talented photgraphers. Their recent book, Portraits of Service, won an Outstanding Book of the Year Award from IPPY! Well-deserved!